Need quality fuel for your fire in Timaru, Oamaru and Waimate?

A wood fire or heater can provide great comfort during the colder months. Such features can be wonderful, attractive additions to any home. With Point Bush Firewood Ltd, you can ensure you always have quality fuel on hand. Our team in Waimate provides hassle-free firewood supply services. We can make certain that you always have the wood you need. Our wood is premium quality, and burns extremely well. Contact us today to place an order or for more information.

Lumber for a wood stove in Waimate


Point Bush Firewood Ltd is a leading supplier of firewood. We have a complete range of wood types to suit all wood stoves and fireplaces. We can provide pine, gum, macro, and poplar. Point Bush Firewood Ltd can also supply kindling in any quantity. Speak to us in Waimate to find out more. 


Feel free to drop in to see us in Waimate to pick up your firewood. However, if this is a problem, or if you require large quantities of wood, consider our delivery service. We provide fast delivery and promise to get your wood to you in no time at all.


Reduce the impact your fire has on the environment by sourcing your wood from Point Bush Firewood Ltd. We are dedicated to sustainable practices, so you can be sure your firewood is coming from an environmentally friendly supplier. Stay warm and keep you conscience free with Point Bush Firewood Ltd.